Swanson & Associates…

California Insurance Adjuster and Investigative Services

Swanson & Associates: Over 50 Years of Enthusiastic Service

Swanson and Associates, a licensed insurance adjuster and investigative service, has served both the insurance industry and self-insured entities for more than 50 years.

Located in Redding (Shasta County), California, we provide thorough and timely claims adjusting services and investigations throughout the State.

Our Clients Include...

Swanson & Associates has provided professional insurance claims and investigations services to State, County, and City agencies throughout California… working with a wide variety of law enforcement, risk management, and human resources departments.

We have also worked with numerous insurance companies, attorneys, third-party administrators, and private sector interests to meet their claims and investigations needs.

Northern California Schools

Golden State Risk Management Authority

Shasta County

Butte County

Keenan and Associates

Knak & Company

And many, many more...