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California Insurance Adjuster
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Swanson and Associates, a licensed insurance adjuster and private investigator service, has served both the insurance industry and self-insured entities for more than 50 years.

Located in Redding (Shasta County), California, we provide thorough and timely claims adjusting services and private investigations throughout the State.

John Swanson, Owner, Swanson and Associates, Independent Insurance Adjuster and Private Investigator Services

John Swanson, Owner

Over 50 Years of Enthusiastic Service . . .

John Swanson, the founder and owner of Swanson & Associates, was raised in Eastern Oregon and graduated from the University of Portland. He worked with an international adjusting firm as a Multi-Line Adjuster until 1979, when he founded our company in Redding.

Mr. Swanson has continually evolved the company’s services to meet the changing landscape of both the insurance and investigative industries.

Mr. Swanson’s goal is to faithfully provide his clients with the highest-quality services possible. He does so by employing experienced, dedicated, and resourceful personnel who have the talent to consistently conduct effective investigations and meet any challenges that might present themselves.

Insurance Claims Adjuster Private Investigations Files

Over 20,000 Files Closed

Swanson and Associates is a well-respected, results-driven insurance adjusting and investigations company. Since our founding in 1979, we have successfully resolved in excess of 20,000 files. We are still here and ready to work closely with you to meet your specific needs also.

Insurance Adjuster and Private Investigator Services

Our experienced investigators at Swanson & Associates provide, among other things, the following services (tailored to fit your specific situation of course)…

Workers Compensation (A.O.E./C.O.E., Etc.)

Arising Out of Employment (AOE) and Course of Employment (COE) workers compensation claims require competent and thorough investigation by an experienced insurance investigator. Often, an independent claims investigator can provide a cost-effective means of obtaining all the necessary information, documents, and applicant/witness statements. Swanson & Associates investigators are highly skilled at performing and reporting these types of investigations.

Property Loss

Swanson & Associates handles many types of property loss assignments, including high-dollar school district claims. We have extensive experience with property loss claims in both the public and private sectors. Our insurance claims professionals (including a licensed contractor) possess extensive experience and expertise concerning these types of claims.

Vehicle/Equipment Appraisal

Swanson & Associates has extensive experience providing accurate appraisals of vehicle and equipment losses. Our detailed documentation (including photographs) will provide an accurate assessment of the claim, whether it involves private, company or government vehicles or equipment.


Law firms, insurance companies, and self-ensured entities occasionally encounter liability claims that require thorough, accurate, and well-documented investigation to achieve an appropriate outcome. Swanson and Associates investigators are experienced, accurate and thorough when it comes to conducting high-exposure liability investigations.

Personal Dispute Resolution

Occasionally, an organization might find itself involved in a human resources situation that requires third-party intervention . We have extensive experience in grievance resolution in both the public and the private sectors. We are able to evaluate the situation and provide useful insights that tend to get the parties back on track with a workable resolution.

Hostile Work Environment Investigations

Stress claims, work place violence, harassment and discrimination can eventually affect any organization – public or private. A sensitive, thorough investigation is required to document all of the facts and obtain statements from the applicant and potential witnesses. An independent investigator (i.e. a third-party) is often the best solution to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Our investigators are experienced at all aspects of this type of specialized investigation.

Our Clients…

Swanson & Associates has provided professional insurance claims and investigations services to State, County, and City agencies throughout California… working with a wide variety of law enforcement, risk management, and human resources departments.

We have also worked with numerous insurance companies, attorneys, third-party administrators, and private sector interests to meet their claims and investigations needs.

Our clients include:

  • Northern California Schools
  • Golden State Risk Management Authority
  • Shasta County
  • City of Redding
  • Keenan and Associates
  • Knak & Company
  • Sierra Pacific Industries

And many, many more…

Swanson & Associates

215 Lake Blvd. PMB #693
Redding, CA 96003
Telephone: (530) 605-4860

CA Adjuster License #2607536 – CA PI License #26190